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The Internet becomes far less interesting after you masturbate... then I come here.

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Nobbin-Robin's News

Posted by Nobbin-Robin - February 24th, 2009

Where did it go? Btw that massive erection is still going strong since my previous post and now I can't even think of living without my tablet. I literally stopped myself from reformatting my computer when I got a virus, just because I got my button settings just right. In other news I just got the stuff I ordered from the store credit I received for the contest. Very cool, I finally have something to put on my barren walls :) If I had a camera I'd take a picture : (

Thanks again NewGrounds :3

Posted by Nobbin-Robin - January 29th, 2008

Thank you Newgrounds! I just got my tablet in today. IT IS AWESOME!!!11! It's like I'm actually drawing! This is going to be fun :3 Thanks again Newgrounds, see you next art contest ;3

New Tablet

Posted by Nobbin-Robin - November 1st, 2007

That's right, I know it's November, but that's just how I roll. Anywho, my office had me do some poster for decoration. It's like four feet tall and shit, done in pencil and red permanent marker. Mmmmm, toxic fumes :3

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Nobbin-Robin - August 12th, 2007

I just got a job at the State Attorney General's Office in Austin. So if ANY of you guys are late with your child support, get ready cause I'm going to pound your ass sooooo hard .... wait that doesn't sound right.

Posted by Nobbin-Robin - July 28th, 2007

If Comic-Con were a woman, I'd rub up against her and try to impress her with a display of my awesome pelvic thrust and she'd be all, "Get the hell away from me you freak!", and I'd be, "But I love you!". Then I'd get pepper-sprayed in the eyes and crotch and I'd be like, "WTF Comic-Con! I thought we had something, what with your awesome swag and kick ass fandom, but you're just like all the others!". It would be okay though because I would just get drunk and hang out with my buddy Def-Con.

Posted by Nobbin-Robin - July 17th, 2007

Is Fucking BADASS!!