2007-07-28 16:35:20 by Nobbin-Robin

If Comic-Con were a woman, I'd rub up against her and try to impress her with a display of my awesome pelvic thrust and she'd be all, "Get the hell away from me you freak!", and I'd be, "But I love you!". Then I'd get pepper-sprayed in the eyes and crotch and I'd be like, "WTF Comic-Con! I thought we had something, what with your awesome swag and kick ass fandom, but you're just like all the others!". It would be okay though because I would just get drunk and hang out with my buddy Def-Con.


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2007-07-29 23:48:00

Totally unrelated, I just checked out your deviant page. That mario fan art was what the french often call "AWESOME" It's a relatively new term, but I'm sure it will catch on.

(Updated ) Nobbin-Robin responds:

Agreed, it is indeed this 'awesome' you speak of. I prefer the term 'jiggy with it' but to each his own ^_^ but, yeah, I think the only reason deviantart was made was to make other artists feel like crap.


2007-07-31 10:49:26

Unrelated, I fucking love your layout, what with your display picture, news icon, and header all interacting. Very snazzy.

Nobbin-Robin responds:

Thanks, I really wanted to optimize my userpage for maximum awesomeness :3


2007-08-04 16:34:05

Your userpage pics are awesome. Well lined up.
And congrats on the art contest =D

Nobbin-Robin responds:

Thanks man, the userpage layout really provides some cool creative freedom :3