Happy Halloween!

2007-11-01 18:55:49 by Nobbin-Robin

That's right, I know it's November, but that's just how I roll. Anywho, my office had me do some poster for decoration. It's like four feet tall and shit, done in pencil and red permanent marker. Mmmmm, toxic fumes :3

Happy Halloween!


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2007-11-06 07:45:26

Don't you love getting suckered into shit like that. On the bright side, it looks pretty sweet! Happy November!

Nobbin-Robin responds:

lol, no kidding! Right after I made this they said, "OK, now make us a sign!" But, meh, it was Halloween and I was high on sugar so it's all good :9


2007-12-23 13:35:04

Congrats for the tablet, man!

Nobbin-Robin responds:

You too man, I'm still stoked that I even got one.


2007-12-23 23:07:06


Nobbin-Robin responds:



2007-12-24 07:16:16

congrats on the tablet!

Nobbin-Robin responds:

Congrats on being such a delicious topping on my hot dog :3